G2P Module

Giving Principal’s Principles

G2P Module

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G2P service equips novice leaders with the best practices on how to effectively serve students, staff, and parents. A proven formula is used to assist in building positive leadership capacity through transparent methods and promoting all staff to be a part of a team.

Upon completion of the training; new and experienced leaders’ walk away feeling refreshed, secure, and ready to serve their schools! The module is also open to superintendents, teachers that aspire to become leaders, curriculum teams and other administrators in your building.


Benefits of market size analysis

What are the benefits of market size analysis? Let’s say you want to invest in company that is in retail business oriented to eco-friendly food. It’s known that eco food market is growing in the past few years. Does it mean it is good market for investment?

The thing we need to examine here is what is future potential of this market. When it will hit it’s saturation point and when there will be many companies in that business and many competitors to the company of interest. Will that company be able to compete the raising market competitors? That’s the few things we will have in mind when analyzing both market size and company of interest potential in that specific market.

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